The Kubb Squirrels Finished T5!

One of our club teams, the Kubb Squirrels went to the U.S. National Kubb Championships this year and finished T5 (Tied for 5th) this year!

They won 8 of 9 matches over the weekend going 6-0 the first day.  They eventually fell to the Ringers, the 2010 National Championship team and the only other all family team in the top 16.

This was a significant improvement from last year where they lost in the round of 64. Congratulations Guys!

Watch their last three matched in the videos below.




Burning River Kubb Klassic 2016

Oct 1st, 2016    Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Burning River Kubb Club is happy to announce the second annual Burning River Kubb Klassic This is tournament designed for all skill levels and no knowledge of the game is necessary. It is a great way to learn the game and have a lot of fun. For event updates follow our Facebook event.

To register click the registration link at the bottom of the page.

7-8:30am: sign-in and practice/learn-to-play
8:45am: welcome
9am: Ladder Play begins
12pm: Lunch Break
2pm: playoffs start


Teams: Minimum of two people on a team (no player may throw more than three batons during each turn).


Cost: $25/team, $20/team if your team has a Burning River Kubb Club member on it! Online registration or email/check. We are unable to refund registrations. Each team that registers before September will receive two free T-Shirts!


Format: Ladder Play: We will be using the DMK Klassic system. All teams will play in seven rounds with 1 game each round with 30 min time limit. Every round teams are adjusted to compete against teams of similar skill level. All teams will be randomly placed for the first round of ladder play.


Playoffs: The tournament will have a Championship Bracket. Awards will be given out to the top three teams. Eight teams advance to the playoffs. A consolation tournament will be held if enough teams are available.


Special Rules:

  • Open: We will use the 2, 4, 6 open. The team that wins the opening king toss gets to decide what side they will be on or what team will throw first. The team that throws first will throw two batons. The team that throws second will throw four batons. The team that threw first will then throw six batons, and six batons will be used for the remainder of the game. After each game, teams will switch sides and the team that threw first in the previous game will throw second. Two different players have to throw the two batons in the first turn, and at least two different players need to throw the four batons in the second turn.
  • Friendly Neighbor: If during Inkasting a kubb lands on top of another kubb and is no longer touching the ground, after all kubbs have been tossed, the inkasting team can place the kubb any on any legal spot on their opponents side of the pitch.

Sponsorship opportunities and questions: Contact Neil Weakland: burningriverkubb@gmail.com, 330-524-6689, or visit our sponsor page.
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October 1, 2016
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Team Registration$25.00
Burning River Club Team Registration$20.00
Location Byers' Castle
5551 S Prospect St
Ravenna, OH 44266

2016 Ohio Kubb Championship Results

Thank you to everyone who came to the first Ohio Kubb Championship and made it a success!
Here are the Tournament Results